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Welcome to Handy-Jacks, The Repair and Maintenance People. Find assessed and VettedTradespeople and Technicians (Artisans) in your neighbourhood easily, quickly and conveniently whenever you want them.We are very serious about helping you locate the perfect tradesperson or technician (artisan) in your neighbourhood for your one-off, occasional or routine DIY, repair, maintenance, renovation or alteration jobs. We have a comprehensive database of vetted and certified tradespeople and technicians (artisans) in all neighbourhoods to carry out any type of maintenance or repair work.We also provide trusted reviews and ratings written by other users to enable you make an informed choice when searching for the best tradespeople and technicians (artisans) in your neighbourhood to carry out your work. We rely on our users to provide their unbiased opinion on the quality of service rendered and professionalism of the tradesperson and technician (artisan). Customer reviews and ratings are worth more than anything we could possibly say ourselves so we urge all users to tell us how a tradesperson or technician (artisan) performed after they have used their services. We also urge all listed tradespeople (artisans) and technicians to earn trust by asking their customers to provide reviews and ratings on the service that was rendered.Handy-Jacks provides the assurance that all listed tradespeople (artisans) and technicians are personally verified by us for safety and to prevent abuse. We ensure that they are who they say they are and have the competency and skills to carry out the job that they say they can do. We provide training and further development opportunities and tools for all tradespeople and technicians (artisans) listed in Handy-Jacks to develop themselves professionally and improve their skills. However we urge you to also carry out due diligence before engaging any tradesperson or technician (artisans) and letting them into your premises. Also check that the work they've done for you is satisfactory before parting with your cash. See our terms and conditions of use and disclaimer for more information.Enjoy using Handy-Jacks! And if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!
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