HiTouch - Max Assistant

HiTouch is a powerful && magic floating view that is born for big/full screen phone age. We work on solve the big-screen one-hand-operating problem.And many surprise were provided to help you access your apps and screen contents.It is a evolution of Assistive Touch and we call him HiTouch. One-Hand-Operating*Swipe for Back,Home,Notification, easily operate for big/full screen...*Long press to switch apps efficiently...*Double click to lock screen...*Freely custom operating for basic action...Easily Social*Crop an image such as in games to screenshot, search and share to social network...*Crop an image from pdf to screenshot, text OCR and text translate...*Crop a word from screen text (like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Message) to translate, search and share ... Quick Paster*HiTouch manager copy/paste texts in a top float view. You can copy and paste any/many messages between two different apps or any communications.Smart switcher*HiTouch maximize the feature of your smart phones by using machine learning techniques , minimize the operations of switching apps, let app switch be simple && smart. Funny skin*Many Float icon style to suit for your phone theme.*Lovely Gifs for float icon to light up your phone screen.Powerful*App switcher*Text recognition*Online text translate*Global ClipboardManager*Screenshot and screen recorder*Lock screen*Gif Maker*Photo editFreely*Hover anywhere to screen edge*Custom operating for basic action*Custom theme for float iconSmartly*Machine learning to sort apps by usage mixed with recent list*Provided different search category by Multiple search engineAttention! HiTouch need ACCESSIBILITY PERMISSION on your phone.How HiTouch can help the disabled users with Accessibility Services? 1) For visually impaired users, you can select words or images from the screen using Hitouch, and enlarge it for a better readability. 2) For physical disabilities,Hitouch provides powerful single hand features, you can use one hand to operate the phone, switch apps easily.Why HiTouch need Accessibility Services?1)We need accessibility to auto grant permission for screen capture.2)We need accessibility to use most of global gesture.3)We need accessibility to select image and text on screen.4)We need accessibility to optimize app usage.5)We need accessibility to hide float icon when in hidden list.Works on android 4.1 or higherThis application requires the device administration authorityIf you do get a good experience with your phone after using our app, please give us 5 stars without hesitating. We really appreciate it.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None