Habit to Goal Pro

Bring the Habit to Goal Pro workflow into your life:Decide your goals. Set your habits. Track your progress. Be motivated. Achieve.Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. ~ Robert CollierKnowing what you want is easy. Taking the time to figure out the steps to get you there, putting in place daily routines to follow these steps and following through are more difficult.Habit to Goal Pro is a mobile application streamlined to help you identify what you want to achieve, and the daily practices you need to put in place to get you there. It's designed to show and remind you that every day's small efforts take you closer to your dreams.It'll be by your side, every step of the way. You check off when you do (or don't) perform your habits. Habit to Goal Pro will automatically update your progress towards your goals. Watch as your new positive habits integrate themselves into your life and see your goals being achieved faster than you thought.Cutting out any superfluous form filling and getting you right to the point, Habit to Goal Pro is an essential tool to help you set up your goals and create habits you are motivated to stick to. By forcing you to think about what steps and daily routines you need to set up to take you to your goals, and by seeing how each repetition of a habit has a concrete impact on getting you closer to them, you will assimilate this powerful behavioural tool into your daily life and be on the path of working towards what you really want.Features- Set your goals- Decide on the habits you need to help you achieve your goals- Flexible habits - Decide the days you want to perform your habits on- Multi-pronged approach - Habits can be linked to multiple goals, meaning each habit can help you achieve your goals faster- Simple yes/no question asked each day on whether or not you practised each active habit- See progress towards your goals update automatically- Clean uncluttered interface- No lengthy form filling - Enter just what you need to get the job done- Motivational quotes on start-up - from a selection of over 100
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Version 1
Operating System Android
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