Log My Events

With our app, you may automatically log your events, and document your location, via our GPS, and send them to any email address you choose. This date-time stamp occurs the moment you open it. Use the app to recall if and when you took a medication, so you don't retake it. You can log in when you have to show the courts your location, or when you do something for someone, or where you are at any given moment during work. Log your even is vital in a modern world.When the app is opened, a screen appears with a time stamp, GPS coordinate, and drop down text box, along with a button that you press to log whatever event is typed into the text box by the end-user. Once you type something in, the drop down is automatically populated by pre-entered text from the settings screen. So you can enter items that you need before using the app. This is convenient for medications, repeat events, court or job accountability.The date/time stamp is in the format of month/day,year, and the time in the format of 1:27 am or pm.The actual event items appear below the date-time stamp/text-box/button area, in chronological order, with the latest entry at the top. When the app reopens, all of those events persist, due to the back-end database- that is, unless you delete them.Any event can be individually selected and the trash icon can be used to delete an item.Likewise, you can select all of the items at once, and then press the trash icon to remove all of the entries. Plus you can touch individual items in the log screen, and touch the trash to delete them, one at a time.Best of all, your entire log of events can be emailed to you, your boss, your probation officer, your family members, or anyone else you choose. However, you will set up a default email address in the settings pa
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