This protection tool allows you to turn on alarm on the device remotely and locate your phone with the help of an SMSCURRENT FEATURESLocate - Remotely trace your mobile phone on a map and find its location.Scream - Makes an alarm go off loudly enough so that you are able to trace it in case someone is hiding the phone in his/her bag.UPCOMING FEATURESLOCK - Remotely lock your device, the thief will not be able to access your phone without your passcode.REMOTE WIPE - Remotely wipe your data, so that it cannot be misused.SIM LOCK - Automatically lock your device on SIM change and send a sms from new sim.CONTACT MESSAGE - Lock your phone and set a lock screen message with your contact information.SURVEILLANCE AGENT - Email you the remotely captured photos and record audio from the device.This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
Operating System Android