Long battery saver and fast charging battery

Long battery saver and fast charging battery life application for this new year 2018 .Battery saving app presentation complet for all function and features :Long battery saver and fast charging battery life is the new app to Optimize battery life nd saving battery life , this application or tools use a high technique to protect your phone battery and to reduce battery usage at the same time .This application is super Fast Charger auto battery boost , is to fast battery Charging and Optimize battery life for moe than +50 % .The fast charger app principale option :1- Is a Battery protection .2- Is a auto battery boost and battery health .3- Is a real doctor battery to protect battery life and battery health .4- This app is to regulate power consumption to protect battery healthy .The battery saver apps for android key features :1- Phone temperature .2- Battery status and battery consumption information .3- Battery Voltage infomation .4- Battery Information ( charging % ) .5- Features optimization .6- Background Processes .7- Battery percentage ( % ) .8- Battery saver power information .The android battery saver app have many different option and features , so all this mention features and function is the secret that make this application very different with other application in the store apps .How can you use the battery saver app :1- Start your app and open it .2- Read and check all information for example ( consumption information , Phone temperature , other different information etc... ) .3- Active battery boost to save power .4- connect your phone with cable power to fast charger phone .5- Use this charging app to protect battery life and to fast charging your device .Note about the battery saver app :1- The fast charger app contien Ads ( we have disabled all adult categorie ads ) so all ads offered by this application is a compatible ads .2- Active charger boost means make off your ( wifi , bluetooth etc ... ) .3- Don't neet to purchasse or paid any thing all is free .4- The code source use at this application is a paid code source with licence commercial .5- all images and pictures means graphique used in the store app and in the application is offered by image stock ( is paid graphic ) .6- using this app means accepet all permission used at this tools , read it before use the application .7- We add Ads to this app to support the devlopement and to make this app free , so if you have problem with ads or you want to use app without ads contact us .Please write a feedback about this fast charger app and share with us any new ideas to add it in the next futur update .
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