todoist & to do list simple

To do list is the best way to organize the time and maximize your productivity, if you have so much to do in your life that you often end up being disorganized and forget things, then this task list is for you and free!To do list allows you to easily todoist and sort through lists at any time, such as things you want to do or do not want to forget.For example: Projects, Goals, Shopping list, grocery list, meeting, plan your vacation, official documents to fill for administrations, todo list makes your life easier.Features of the application:1. A free application.2. Allows you to view your list at a glance.3. Easy and quick to set reminders for your tasks manager.4. Effectively organize your list based on day, week and month.5. Allows you to change the due notification time as per your wish.6. Add a due date to a task to give it a deadline.7. Uses (Projects, Goals, Shopping list or grocery list, meeting ...)Do you need a task manager that meets your needs? So, do not hesitate ... Try to install todoist. It's easy and simple.
Operating System Android