Oil Well Pipe Catalog

This simple app provides an easy way to search an Oil Well Pipe (Drilling, Casing & Tubing) features like: Burst, Collapse, Yield Strength, Capacity, Thickness, Inside Diameter & Transversal Area.In the first menu is possible to select the requested pipe (Casing, Tubing or Drilling) that take us to select the Outside Diameter following for the respective available weights for the selected pipe. Once selected the weight will show us the properties related to the selected pipe.Such properties can be evaluated selecting their Respective Grade as well as worn condition that can be: New, Premium and CX.To calculate their properties according to the worn condition for the selected pipe was taken like this: New - 87.5%, Premium - 80% and CX - (80% - 60%).When selected the CX worn condition the slider became available to select the worn.The worn condition can only be used when Tubing and Drilling Pipes are selected.You can choose an individual unit system for each one properties like Burst & Collapse (psi, kgf/cm2, kPa), Torque & Torsion (lbf-ft, N-m), Yield Strength (lbf, kgf, N), Outside, Inside Capacity & Displacement (bls/1000ft, galUS/ft, galUK/ft, ft3/ft, L/ft, L/m, m3/m), Thickness, Inside Diameter & Drift (in, mm, cm) and Transversal Area (in2, cm2). To choose the desire units just Tap the row of the property that you want to change.
Operating System Android