JWDTools (Engineering Tools)

JWDTools program is especially useful for civil and structural engineers.It includes a set of engineering and mathematical tools as well as a unit conversion section.The calculation and design in engineering tools section is done according to the ultimate method of the Syrian Arab code.Tools in the current version are:Structural Engineering Tools:- Section Designer: Bending Design (Rect - T) - Shear Design - Beaxial Design and Interaction Diagram.- Element Designer: Column - Isolated Footing - Corbel- Simplified Structural Analysis: Continuous Beam - Seismic Forces (UBC97 - ASCE 7/2010)- Dimension Estimation: Bam Depth - One Way Slab Thickness - Two Way Slab Thickness - Ribbed Slab Thickness- Steel Bars: Bars Table - Bars Calculator - Stirrups Calculator- Other: Concrete PropertiesMathematical Tools:- Equations: Solving Equation of n Degree - System of Linear Equations- Geometry (2D): Calculation of Lengths, Perimeter and Area- Geometry (3D): Calculation of Lengths, Area and Volume- Algebra: Fractions and Decimals - GCD / LCM - Primary FactorsConversion Tools:- Conversion of units to a wide range of quantities--------------------------------------This program is bilingual (Arabic and English), and can be switched between these two languages through the program options.Some of tools are free, some require full version activation (paid)How to activate the full version is shown here:http://www.jwdstructure.com/products/jwdtools_mobile/activation.htmThe explanation of the tools contained in the program is shown here:http://www.jwdstructure.com/learning/tutorials/jwdtools_mobile/index.htmThis program is a member of the family of JWDStructure © series that includes:- JWDBeam: Continuous Beam Analysis and Design- JWDQuake: Seismic Design Program- JWDColumn: Columns and Foundations Design
Operating System Android