JoBid is an auctioned work app, where you can find any type of service you need 24 hours a day, and where you put what you want to pay.With JoBid you can see live the different providers that are close to you betting on the downside for wanting to earn the job you are offering. All you have to do is offer what you want to pay for the service.As simple as that!!!There is only one winner per auction ... that winner will provide the service your looking for a price lower than the one you offered.There are thousands of providers looking for jobs 24 hours a day and for all there is work ... just auction your need, choose a service and offer ... you will be surprised by the winning price and the quality of the service.No matter where you are, you will always find a provider near you and best of all it's fast, safe and fun.You negotiate what you want to pay ... That's how funny it is!We recommend that in order for your auction to be successful and well received by providers, offer an appetizing, eye-catching price that matches the market ... so you will attract the attention of suppliers, accept your invitation to enter the auction and bet to work for you. Make yourself want and convert your attractive auction ...... .the rest is a matter of time and see the best qualified and price.That's how it works:1. Open your app and login.2. You choose the service you want to bet.3. Describe in detail the information on how you want the service.4. It is important that you put pictures so that the providers have an idea of what happens and what you want as a service.5. Offer what you want to pay. We recommend that you fence as close to the cost of the market so that you have more options and success in your auction.6. You wait 3 minutes while the invitation of your auction is sent to the suppliers or servers near the area where you are or at the distance that you selected.7. After 3 minutes ... You will hear the bell and the auction starts.8. The auction lasts 2 minutes, you can see live the different bets down.9. At that moment you will also be able to see the locations, the profiles, the photos of the suppliers, the comments, the galleries, etc.10. After you find a winner ... you just have to wait for the provider to arrive at your house.11. Remember that the provider is sent the same security code that you have and it is his duty to present it to you, it is very important for your security.12. Make sure the provider starts your service and relax.13. Before paying, check the provider's work.14. Do not forget to make your comments, put the stars of the provider and then you pay, just by pressing the pay button.Now to enjoy and good luck with your auction.
Operating System Android