JoBid Provider

There are thousands of users in your area looking for a service or a professional that can solve their most immediate need.The user offers the price he wants to pay and launches an invitation notifying all the providers available for that type of service, so that they can enter to the auction.That's where your provider will bid your price for 2 minutes.JoBid gives the opportunity to all providers or professionals whether large, medium or small to be all at the same level and the opportunity to earn a job.We remember that there are thousands of auctions offering work, where you will have many opportunities not only one job, but up to 3 or more per day.JoBid allows you to manage your own schedule, be your own boss and decide who to work with. Also manage your agenda and decide which day you want to work.Then you will handle the price of your service as it suits you, but also remember that you will compete with other providers who want to earn the service. The best qualified and best price takes the job. So you have 3 minutes to bid and improve your price.The idea of this app is to always have work.With JoBid you can offer different services in which you are properly trained, thus having more opportunity to work.JoBid is a 24 hour service and you can manage your bids at any time of the day.That's how it works:1. Open the app and login.2. Select the type of service for which you are qualified.3. Provide the information required by the app.4. If you are already a member, you must leave your account open to receive all the notifications of auctions related to your selected service (s). You may select one or more services.5. Wait to be notified of an auction in your area that is related to your service.6. At the time of receiving notification of the service, you have a time of 3 minutes to check, review what the work consists of and enter the auction, if you decide to accept the invitation.7. Only you can accept or reject the invitation and if you reject it do not worry, you will be notified of other auctions while keeping your account open.8. If you accept the invitation, the auction time is 2 minutes live.9. The user or client will expose the price they want to pay.10. You as a professional or provider will bet down to keep the job, that is, the auction is a price war where you will compete with other providers or professionals.11. You as a provider or professional at the time of betting have only 3 minutes to improve the price of other providers.12. Only you decide when to stop, bet on the price that suits you. Remember is your service, your work, your time ... and you more than anyone knows how much your service is worth.13. If you are the winner of the auction you will receive a verification code which you must present to the client to be recognized before starting the service.14. Be sure to bring your own work tools.15. Already present where your client ... will start your service by pressing the start button in the application ... in the same way when finished. So your service and your payment will be more than insured.16. Do not forget to make your comments, put the stars to the client ... it is important to improve the quality of our servers and members.17. Make sure your customer makes the payment and press the pay button for the funds to be released.18. At the time your payment is made, you will be notified by email.19. Do not forget to take pictures of your service so that you can put it in your profile and photo galleries and also for the security of your service.20. You can do all the auctions you want, as long as you comply with your schedule.Welcome to JoBid
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