Punjabi Keyboard - English to Punjabi Typing input

Punjabi Keyboard for android mobile and Punjabi typing is a simple and fast Punjabi keyboard typing for Android devices. Punjabi keyboard English converter converts Punjabi words written in roman English letters into Punjabi script. If you type any word then this Punjabi keyboard English will convert it into Punjabi script. It is an English to Punjabi Typing Keyboard, You don't need to type exact spelling of the word like most other apps and this ' English to Punjabi Typing Keyboard ' app is intelligent enough to understand what you are typing. With the help of Punjabi Typing keyboard you can write in Punjabi Typing.You can write emails and update your status on all social platforms, you can use Punjabi Typing keyboard with all apps to write messages in Punjabi language through Punjabi typing app. By Online Punjabi Keyboard you can write in Punjabi language in your cell phone. You can use Online Punjabi Keyboard in many apps that you want to use.Online Punjabi typing app will allow you to write in Punjabi language. With Punjabi Keypad you can write all Punjabi Alphabets, letters and words. It's the easiest keyboard for Punjabi Typing.English to Punjabi Typing Keyboard is for Punjabi lovers who want to use "Punjabi to English keyboard" through default English keyboard. Now you can chat on social media, it's easy to use, you just write in Roman English and easy Punjabi keyboard and Punjabi Typing keyboard change it in Punjabi input.Punjabi keypad gives you choice to modify your specific setting. Change the keyboard Punjabi to English Typing and English to Punjabi Typing Keyboard within the same keyboard. Change and customize your setting from the setting button within the Punjabi keyboard.Useful for those users who want to write or post status on social media in Punjabi language but don't have the habit to type with online Punjabi keyboard. This Punjabi English keyboard typing app - Punjabi keypad helps you to communicate with world in your language. Communication in your Punjabi language brings you closer to your friends!English to Punjabi keyboard is the easiest Punjabi keyboard to write in Punjabi language. You can use this Punjabi keyboard typing to write in Punjabi input. No need to copy and paste Punjabi input. This English to Punjabi keyboard app is useful for Punjabi speaking and anyone across the world.If you want Punjabi keyboard download then install Punjabi to English keyboard on your device then Open Punjabi Typing keyboard Home screen.1. Add English to Punjabi Typing Keyboard in your settings for that Press 'Setting" button and select Punjabi keyboard typing for Android devices to enable this keyboard.2. Now Select Online Punjabi typing app for Input method for that, Press "Select" button and choose English to Punjabi converter keyboard as default keyboard.OROpen Settings -> Language & Input, under "KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS" section, go to Current Keyboard -> Choose Keyboards ->Select input method-> Check "English to Punjabi converter keyboard". Then you have to select keyboard Punjabi to English Typing as input method and can select English to Punjabi converter keyboard or Punjabi keypad .When typing in an input box, you can also change the default input method by clicking the keyboard icon on the bottom right corner of the screen and can also disable that Online Punjabi Keyboard app.Easy Punjabi to English keyboard is best and easy Punjabi English keyboard to fulfil all your needs for Punjabi typing.Features:- Punjabi keyboard for Punjabi typing - You can use Punjabi keyboard for Punjabi typing, for email and Punjabi typing for android.- Online Punjabi Keyboard app - Helps you to type message in your own native language.We hope you will like our Easy and best Punjabi keyboard & Punjabi Typing keyboard App.Download our Punjabi Keypad and do give us some feedback so that we can improve our Punjabi keyboard typing App.
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Version 1.2
Operating System Android
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