MyFarm is a rabbit farm management application that helps rabbit farmers optimize the performance of their farms and increase their productivity. MyFarm gives you decision-making tools with fast, easy data entry, and flexible yet powerful reporting.All core rabbit farming information can be recorded, including animal data, births, deaths, comments, medicines, and weights, etc.The App includes features like,BREEDER MANAGER: This tracks the rabbit's biodata, and includes the following features,LITTER MANAGER: This tracks the biodata of the young rabbits (kits) given birth, and the farmer can monitor them from birth to slaughter age.MATINGS MANAGER: This tracks the breeding information of the rabbit breeder, to allow the farmer keep track of the mating records, enabling him know which animal is to give birth, the young ones to wean off, etc.INCOME & EXPENSE MANAGER: This tracks the financial transactions made by the farmer; it enables the farmer to easily determine the financial performance of his farm.EVENTS: This allows the farmer keep track of the daily activities of the farm; its integrated with google calendar, to enable the farmer get notifications on the daily, upcoming or overdue events. When clicked on, it opens into google calendar for the farmer to know the activities of that day.
Operating System Android