SpringCalc - Tube Bending Spring Back Calculator

SpringCalc is a powerful spring-back calculator that gives fabricators the ability to make perfect bends in pipe, tube, and profiles every time. SpringCalc works for all bending machines, such as: Baileigh Industrial, Ercolina, RMD, Rusch Machine, Hossfeld, Woodward Fab, JD Squared, Pro-Tools, JMR, Mittler Bros, and others. SpringCalc works for all materials, such as: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Titanium, etc. SpringCalc also works for all shapes, such as: Pipe, Round Tube, Square Tube, Angles, Channels, and other custom profiles. SpringCalc is an indispensable tool for professionals in the fields of Pipe Fitting, Automotive Customization and Restoration, Race Car Building, Roll Cage Fabrication, Marine Fabrication, Railing Fabrication, Architectural Fabrication, and countless other industries.Anybody who has ever bent metal knows that when the bending force is removed the metal "unbends" itself by some amount. This self-straightening is called spring-back and must be accounted for in precision metal bending and metal fabrication. For instance, if a Fabricator wants to put a 90 degree bend in a pipe, they may need to set the machine to bend to 95 degrees, so that after the material "unbends" itself it still retains a 90 degree bend. Simple enough. The problem is that each metal, die, bend radius, bending lubricant, etc. has different characteristics and therefore has different amounts of spring-back. Metal Fabricators may even experience spring-back variations from one lot of material to another. This problem can be quite troublesome, but it is easily solved by using the SpringCalc app.SpringCalc works by taking input from the user in the form of measured bends, and uses that input to generate a custom profile for a given bending operation that will then calculate the exact machine setting necessary to create a given bend. Once created, this custom bending profile can be used to make perfect bends on the first try, thus saving large amounts of time and material.
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