Units Converter Master

Convert 18 kinds of measures to it's different units of measurement in one fast and light app.Supported measures and units:Length- mm- cm- m- in- ft-us- ft- miArea- mm2- cm2- m2- ha- km2- in2- ft2- ac- mi2Mass- mcg- mg- g- kg- oz- lbVolume- mm3- cm3- ml- l- kl- m3- km3- tsp- tbsp- in3- fl-oz- cup- pnt- qt- gal- ft3- yd3Volume Flow Rate- mm3/s- cm3/s- ml/s- cl/s- dl/s- l/s- l/min- l/h- kl/s- kl/min- kl/h- m3/s- m3/min- m3/h- km3/s- tsp/s- Tbs/s- in3/s- in3/min- in3/h- fl-oz/s- fl-oz/min- fl-oz/h- cup/s- pnt/s- pnt/min- pnt/h- qt/s- gal/s- gal/min- gal/h- ft3/s- ft3/min- ft3/h- yd3/s- yd3/min- yd3/h'Temperature- C- F- K- RTime- ns- mu- ms- s- min- h- d- week- month- yearSpeed- m/s- km/h- m/h- knot- ft/sPressure- Pa- hPa- kPa- MPa- bar- torr- psi- ksiDigital- b- Kb- Mb- Gb- Tb- B- KB- MB- GB- TBParts-Per- ppm- ppb- ppt- ppqVoltage- V- mV- kVCurrent- A- mA- kAPower- W- mW- kW- MW- GWApparent Power- VA- mVA- kVA- MVA- GVAReactive Power- VAR- mVAR- kVAR- MVAR- GVAREnergy- Wh- mWh- kWh- MWh- GWh- J- kJReactive Energy- VARh- mVARh- kVARh- MVARh- GVARh
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