Spectacle Pro

Spectacle Pro is a mobile app for programming a Sparkfun Spectacle project. You can save, open and program Spectacle scripts all WITHOUT! an Internet connection on your Android device! I recently had a Spectacle installation in a remote area and I didn't have access to the Internet. As a result I couldn't easily update the Spectacle script. I also didn't want to lug around my laptop and wanted to use my phone. The Spectacle web app on Sparkfun's website is unable to save scripts on mobile devices so I could only work on one active script at a time and couldn't save my work. Spectacle Pro fixes these problems.Spectacle Pro lifts the current limitations of the Spectacle web app and allows you to edit, save, open and program Spectacle scripts from your Android device!Portions of this app contain code from the MIT licensed Sparkfun Spectacle web app https://github.com/sparkfun/spectacleapp/blob/master/LICENSE. I am in no way affiliated with Sparkfun. If you have questions about this mobile app please contact me.
Operating System Android