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Set a timer for your work. During the work period Productivity Timer can disable features on your phone such as sounds, vibration and wifi.Avoid Distractions: Keep your work on track using timed sessions handled by the app.Clean your mid: Reward yourself with short breaks and get refreshed.Get Started: Stay Focused, get rid of procrastination and improve your productivity.Features:+ Set timer for working+ Automatically disable sounds and vibration+ Variable timer durationWork Session Duration - Select duration from 1 minute to one hour.Break Duration - Set Your Breaks from 1 minute to any custom time.Long Break Duration - Get a coffee, hang out with friends, set your break time.Number of sessions before a long breakSelect Custom Sound alerts from 10 different sounds.Additional FeaturesVibrationLandscape ModeFull Screen ModeContinuous ModeSessions CounterOption to Disable sound and Vibration.Disable Wifi AutomaticallyKeep the screen on optionFeatured Best App in http://www.shipmethis.com/2017/10/best-free-apps-for-android-phones.html
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