English Language Assistant- Grammar, Spell & Style

Most English Language Rules are included to help you identifies many grammatical and stylistic issues that a simple spell checker cannot detect.Rules:DeterminersIdiomsInterjectionsIntroductionNounsQuantifiersQuestion TagsReported SpeechTensesActive Or Passive VoiceAdjectivesAdverbsArticlesAuxiliary VerbsConditionalsConjunctionsPhrasesPrepositionsPronounsVerbsand way more......Language Assistant will help you in:- beautiful design- Word Order- Articles- Present Tenses- Past Tenses- Gerund- Infinitives- Confusing Words- Linking Words- Future Tense- Passive Voice- Modal Verbs- Phrasal Verbs- Irregular Verbs- Pronouns- Adjectives- Adverbs- Relative Clauses- Noun plus Preposition- Prepositions- Adjective plus Preposition- Nouns- tests and english exercises- English Grammar Checker- simple explanations- total score and progress analytics- clear user interface- Some, any, a lot of, many, much etc.- Conditionals- Reported Speechand a lot lot more
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