Sliggoo gives parents a hassle-free solution for their everyday hurdle of picking up their kids from school. The real-time tracker intimates the school authorities on the parent's location, making it easier for them to cope with the queue management system and to avoid unexpected delay.Save Pickup TimeYou can bid good-bye to the delays and put a stop to the nth number of time you have to explain to your kids why you were late! Real-Time Pickup SchedulingYou can't make it for the pickup today? No problem! Set someone else up for the pickup and use Sliggoo to notify the school staffs on the change of plans.Effective Community InteractionDon't leave any knots loose on your kid's safety. Keep in touch with all school authorities and bodies to locate your child instantly.Not rocket science But is a useful appOf-course Sliggoo is not rocket science, but is definitely an easy-peasy solution for all parental worries on school pickups.
Operating System Android