Chapps Dorm Inspector

The Chapps Dorm Inspector App, dormitory inspections made easy.The Chapps Dorm Inspector App, is specifically created to accommodate the student housing industry, in particular dormitory inspections.Chapps understands that performing dormitory inspections poses very specific challenges. We know that you have to make sure that the Move-in's and Move-out's run in an orderly manner and that the rooms are empty, ready for cleaning and repairs are on time. It's about adhering to health, safety & security regulations, dealing with maintenance, allocating costs, controlling the in-out flux and much more. We understand that your inspectors are not really professionals, such as RA's and RD's. They need a tool that's easy-to-use, fully prepared, and that empowers your inspectors to stay focused at all times. Give them a tool that helps to enforce dormitory rules & regulations and set-up charges & fines. That's why we created an App specifically designed for dormitory inspections. Discover the Chapps Dorm Inspector and see what a difference our tool can make for your organization.Finally, an inspection tool you have been waiting for. The challenge faced was how to structure the inspections and create a comfortable experience. Start using the Dorm Inspector App today, and change your ways!IT'S COMPLEX... STRUCTURE IT!- First of all, we have to keep in mind that students or tenants can be located in different kinds of units/rooms. These can be either single or multiple-occupancy.- We know that it's about following-up tenancies and tenants, instead of strictly performing technical inspections.IT CAN BE CHAOTIC... BE FLEXIBLE!- Student housing can be chaotic, as most of the Move in's and -out's happen at the same time. It can be a challenge to keep track of all these "Moves".- It doesn't stop there! Depending on the breaks and type of dormitory, these "Moves" can happen several times a year, for either short or intermediate rental periods.THEY WILL BE UNDISCIPLINED... STAY FOCUSED!- It's important to understand that the Move-out process entails more than the room inspection itself. It's about getting the tenant to follow the rules & regulations at hand.- We know that multiple checks, calls, reminders and most importantly patience will be needed.- The objective being; free the room for cleaning, maintenance, repairs and more. This ensures that the room is ready, in time, for the next tenant.THEY LEFT THEIR MARKS... MAKE THEM PAY!- A quick & thorough registration of markings, damages, and cleanliness is needed. That way the necessary charges can be identified quickly & accurately.- You need a system that quickly & easily allocates repair costs for communal areas. It's a fine system.ABOUT MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS... GET THE DATA RIGHT!- It's essential that each inspection delivers accurate & useful data. Allowing you to effectively plan, prioritize & organize maintenance, cleaning and repairs.- Guaranteeing the normal use and comfort for the next tenant is important. So, don't forget about liability. It's essential to make sure that there are no safety, security or health risks.THE LUCKY INSPECTORS... WE KEPT IT EASY- We kept in mind that not all inspectors are necessarily professionals. That's why we created a tool that's easy to use, essentially "Plug & Play".- You need a tool, not a toy. One that helps you monitor the rentals, and the condition of the rooms/units, at all times.ORGANIZE YOUR INSPECTIONS & INSPECTORS- The "Chapps Manager" offers you the tools needed to set-up & follow-up inspections & inspectors. The "Chapps Manager" supports maintenance requests and work-orders.- Set-up cost tables, create fine systems, controls or generate charges for the different tenants.- With these and much more, you'll be able to make the Chapps Dorm Inspector a perfect fit for your organization."Discover the Dorm Inspector App! Simplify your inspections & assist your tenancies daily"
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