Buttercup is an open-source password manager, available on all major platforms. It helps you track and store your login information for any service you use - personal or for work - in a securely encrypted archive that you store where you want.Buttercup archives contain groups and entries so that you can easily manage your login credentials. There's also a desktop application and browser extension available, so you can access your archives and credentials on every platform you use.All information stored within Buttercup archives is private and encrypted - available only to those with your master password. Keep this password secret and don't use it for any other login! Once you have your login details stored within Buttercup, you can concentrate on remembering only the 1 password (for Buttercup) - all other passwords can be long, gibberish text to increase security, and you don't have to remember them!Buttercup's features (non-exhaustive):- Store an unlimited number of login details- Save your archive to a variety of storage providers- Open sites stored within the app by the touch of a button- Open archives auto-lock and close after 10 minutes of inactivity- Archive contents hidden when app is put to background- Ability to add multiple archivesButtercup is designed to be used with free-to-use cloud storage providers, such as Dropbox, ownCloud, Nextcloud, and other WebDAV-enabled services.No information regarding you or your archive is sent to us or any other service.
Operating System Android