Unlimited Colorful Notepad: Secure Secret Diary

Notepad pro let you organize your notes in a comfortable and easy way so that whenever you need your important notes or some important things to do you can see those easily from this application. Notepad is always on your hand so that whenever you need something to write down immediately you can wrote on notepad. You can choose your favorite color from the huge range of colors; this will gave you a sense of fee at home. You don't have to login or signup. It's free, it's available everywhere. The light weight of the notepad pro is very convenient to use. It won't take any time to launch and open. The most simple and awesome notepad application, due to its quick response, simple and interactive user interface. You will have a great writing experience when you are engage with this beautiful application. You can write your important tasks, your assignments points, your presentation notes, your important messages, your emails, your shopping details, your to-do lists and much and more etc. It is always easy to write from this application as compare to any other notepad or memo. You can see a nice and elegant widget on the screen of your phone. You can directly access the menu by pressing one button. You can also use it as reminder and alarm application. This application is all in one because your can set an alarm, reminder in this so this will help you in doing multi tasking from one application. You can create a easy checklist or you can write your important numbers or passwords in the notepad. After all this you can also have customize widget and also share with your friends on social media as well. Features You can create work list You can create your checklists You can manage your passwords You can write your pin, codes, patterns and other important information. More than 8 colors for you. You can search your words. You can share with others. You can use different color titles. You can view as view only mode. You can save notes to your selected destination SD card or local storage. You can add to calendar your reminders. There are custom fonts for your interest. How to Use Install the application. In main menu press the new button. You workplace is open here Now type whatever you want to It will automatically save your text. You can mark as important so that those notes would never be deleted. You can create protected notes also, no one else see those notes expect you. If you write a lot but don't get your required one on the time than this is for you, because you can search for your required article from anywhere. You also have different font styles which would help you in writing different things on a same place. If you are a creative person and something is always in your mind. Then it's a good thing for you, you can always save your though and thinking so that your precious idea will never been go away like useless. With the help of this you can use any time and its quick which is great plus for you. The display is very smooth and user interactive so that you always shave new look. Being see the same and same view daily will let you bored. With this you can change layout with your favorite colors so that you don't fed up with the application looks. This notepad is masterpiece for those who are looking for quick and simple way of writing easy things on their phones. We work very hard for making our application so please rate us five stars and give us a good review. Kindly if you are facing any issue inside the application let us know about that, we will help you out as soon as we can.
Operating System Android