Wood Joist Span Calculator

App to quickly determine ALLOWABLE SPANS for wood rafters, ceiling joists and floor joists. similar to the span tables of 2006/2009 International Building Code (IBC). For use by building inspectors, contractors, framers, plan checkers, structural or civil engineers, architects, and construction/engineering professionals. User interface is very simple. No typing is required. This app can be useful while you are at the job sites, at meetings, or in office. To use this app, all you need to do is "long-tap" the green links (underlined text), and select the appropriate data from the available choices. Calculations can also be emailed to yourself or to others. All readings from the span tables of 2006/2009 IBC have been verified against the results produced by this app. no discrepancy has been found. Please visit the website for additional information. Revisions: 5/12/11: Up to 5 entries can be saved by long-tapping the 'plus' image next to the result box (or by long-tapping the result box itself). These saved entries can be viewed by long-tapping the 'down-arrow' at top of the screen; and selected for reuse or modification. (Note: When a new entry is added, it appears on top of the list; the oldest entry gets discarded.) 6/23/2011: The previously saved entries can now also be displayed via MENU button. 8/5/2011: Emailing feature is added. The current calculation can be distributed by email. Revision 8/13/2011: User can save up to 10 entries (was 5).
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