A+ Major System

A+ Major System is a memory trainer to help you to boost your memory for remembering any numbers - including very long numbers - by using the powerful and proven technique called "Major System" (also called "mnemonic Major System"). Amazing memory feats can be achieved once you have mastered the Major System. So how does the mnemonic Major System work? In a nutshell, it works by representing a number with one ore more words. You memorize the words as visual images, and convert the images back to words, then back to numbers when you want to recall the numbers. This memory training app is one of the best mnemonic Major System apps available on the Android platform today. Its most distinguishing and convenient feature lets you to memorize your own long numbers by automatically converting them into their representing words. A+ Major System looks clean, minimalist and no "sugar coating", allowing you to focus on what's important: memorizing your own numbers and mastering the Major System. This app is free of obstructive elements: no ads, no in-app billing to get numbers and words, and no login. You just open the app, and start improving your memory right away. It is also tablet-friendly. What exactly is this mnemonic Major System? Major system is a mnemonic system based on the fact that visual images are much easier to remember than numbers. With the Major System, each number from 0 - 99 is represented by a word. To memorize a number, you simply visualize and memorize its representing words instead. Take the number pi 3.14159 for example. It is made up of the numbers 3, 14, 15 and 9. Using the Major System, 3 is represented by the word "emu", 14 is "door", 15 is "tool", and 9 is "hippo". You would form a mental image of emu, door, tool and hippo (the more unusual the image the better), therefore remembering the number pi with the mental image. How does this Memory Trainer App Help YouThe app shows the words representing the numbers from 0 - 99. The words can be customized so you are free to use whatever words you want for the numbers. You can also add your own numbers outside the 0 - 99 range as well. Do you have your own long numbers to memorize (such as friends' phone numbers)? A+ Major System can help you to remember. It lets you to create your own long numbers, and breaks down the long numbers into smaller numbers automatically, so you can immediately see the all words representing the long numbers. You can remember many long numbers all in this app. Practice makes perfect. The app also provides facility for you to practice, so that you can achieve of your goal of achieving amazing memory feats quicker.
Operating System Android