QuickHue Pro

With QuickHue Pro you can switch on/off your Philips Hue lights directly from the Quick Settings with one tapIt's very simple to use and the configuration takes around 30 seconds. Features of QuickHue Pro: Configure up to 6 Tiles- Create and customize the tiles with custom names & iconsFAQ- The app is not working correctly: Go to Settings (top-right icon) and click "Reset App", this will reset your app configuration. If you still have issue, write me an email on: leonardo. pirro@gmail.com. Why QuickHue Pro support 6 Tiles: 6 tiles is the best compromise for number of tiles/performance. If you add many tiles, the response become slow. Why the Tile State feature is experimental: Due to Hue API limitations. We will try to improve this feature. Follow QuickHue on Twitter to get promo codes and app updates: https://twitter.com/quickhuetile.
Operating System Android