Munters ProApp - DataCom

Munters ProApp - DataCom is a quick and simple tool that can be used to calculate the cooling airflow requirement for a given IT equipment heat load. Just plug in the heat load, delta T, absolute moisture content, and elevation and the software will provide the total airflow requirement. You can even send the results via email. Munters ProApp - DataCom also includes an analyze mode that can be used to evaluate a system already in operation by inputting measured data. This result can also be emailed. This tool is very flexible, and each input can easily be toggled between multiple IP or SI options. Munters ProApp - DataCom is based on fundamental engineering principals and uses equations derived from ASHRAE 2013 Fundamentals Handbook. It is a simple, reliable tool from a global leader in energy efficient air treatment. Munters ProApp - DataCom is registered software from Munters. Disclaimer - Munters offers this tool to assist engineers in design and evaluation. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, Munters makes no warranty or guarantee regarding the accuracy of results.
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