Keyboard Sans : Undertale Emoji

Best of Applications Keyboard in the world1 equipped with "EMOJI"2 Support the theme. 3 Keyboard changer. changing the background keyboard that uses an image gallery. 4 Keyboard fonts. 5 Beautiful design keyboard. 6 Create your own keyboard using background changer features a photo of us7 "Keyboard SANS Emoji" is one of the coolest anime Keyboard theme dark red on the market. 8 Different keypad sound collection in the theme keypad with SANS real design. 9 Fast Reply to the text message option in the "Sans Undertale Keyboard". How to use? - Click "Enable Keyboard" and select "Keyboard Theme" (later returned) - Click "Set Input Method" and select "Keyboard Theme" (later returned) - Click "Set Theme" and then select the keyboard theme you want. Done. keyboard theme has been changed to the selected theme on the application. You can choose to include a photo of you that will be used as the theme for your keyboard- Click on "Scene Background" then- Click "Set Background Gallery" select existing photos in your gallery. Set the image size to be used as a keyboard theme (later returned) - Click "Set Theme" under the menu "Set Background Gallery"- Done. keyboard theme you have turned into the theme of the photo you choose. SO SIMPLE GUYS. ThanksRegards.
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