Ink&Paper Trial

Write on your Android device like you would on a sheet of paper. Six customisable types of pens with the best digital inking features are available. Insert in the most natural way typed texts, images, geometrical shapes in your pages. Select and move, zoom, rotate, stretch any object using your fingers. Control undo and redo actions with the undo/redo bar. Overlay objects and manage their opacity using layers. Take full advantage of an active stylus by configuring the erase methods. Work with close up writing mode on small screen devices. Use gestures to select or delete objects while you are writing. Set the background of any page by the import of JPEG, PNG and PDF documents. Create new notepads from the most common document templates. Save and load customised sets of colours, pens, typewriters. Organise your notes into library folders. Cut, copy and paste notepads and pages. This is a free trial version, which lacks export and backup/restore features. You can download the full paid version of the app at this link: inkandpaperA tutorial, where the most common features of the app are shown, is online at the following link: v=RqwCbBadZV4&list=PL3VL6s-M7yoeFSHGs-Z2qJdVV_WcdMuy6.
Operating System Android