Auto Hotspot

A simple way to turn on/off your WiFi Hotspot automatically using a Beacon Region configured in the app. When the app detects that it has entered the configured Beacon region, it will turn off your phone's WiFi Hotspot. Once it goes outside the Beacon area, it will turn on your phone's WiFi Hotspot. At home, I use my home's WiFi network to gain access to the Internet. When I leave the house with my Internet connected gadgets, what I do is turn on my Android phone's, WiFi Hotspot feature so that my other gadgets can continue accessing the Internet via my LTE-enabled smartphone. To avoid having to repetitively turn on/off my phone's WiFi Hotspot, I decided to create this app so that I don't have to do it manually every time. Setting up a Beacon (e.g. Radius Network, Estimote) at home, I've been using this app to automatically turn on/off my mobile phone's WiFi Hotspot function. When the app detects the configured Beacon, it automatically turns off my phone's WiFi Hotspot. When the app detects that it has left the Beacon area, it turns on the WiFi Hotspot of my Android phone.
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