Wooden beam. Calculation of strength. Lite

The application calculates the wooden beams of the floor or the covering for strength and deflection according to building codes and norms (SP 64.13330.2011). Two variants of calculation are realized: floor beam;- free beam. For calculation, you must specify the initial data, such as: 1. The load is useful. The standard values are given in SP 20.13330.2011 (Loads and effects), Table 8.3. For example, for living quarters it is 150 kg / m2.2. Load from the floor. It is necessary to specify the composition (pie) of the floor, i.e. Materials and their thickness. If there are wooden logs on the beams, then the load from their weight can be taken into account. You can also set the load from the floor manually, if it is known in advance. 3. Step beams. 4. Span. 5. Wood species. 6. Wood grade7. Impregnation with flame retardants. Indicated for wooden beams subjected to deep impregnation with fire retardants under pressure. 8. Humidity of air. Humidity of air at which wooden beams will be operated. 9. Height of beam section (h). 10. Beam cross-sectional width (b). The application is useful in the design and construction of an apartment house, cottage, villa, bath, utility rooms and other buildings. Features of the Lite version: maximum span not exceeding 3000 mm;- calculation of an free beam is not available. In the PRO version, there are no restrictions.
Operating System Android