AndroCalc Spreadsheet editor for XLS, XLSX and ODS

AndroCalc is a XLS spreadsheet editor that supports different document formats, including .xls, .xlsx and .ods. Its main features are:- Includes a navigator to find sheets, range names, database ranges, linked areas, graphics, OLE objects, comments, and drawing objects inside the xls xlsx spreadsheets.- Includes a lot of common functions to create formulas.- Allow to build macros.- Provides flexible cell formatting options:+ Rotating contents,+ Backgrounds,+ Borders,+ Align data within a cell,+ Bold, italic, underlined data,+ Change the color of a cell.- Values can be validated by providing a type of content: time, date, or decimal.- Allow that xls data can be sorted and filtered as well as positioned in a pivot table.- A sheet can be protected with a password.- Insert pictures, videos, sound files, charts, and special characters- Formats supported:+ 1.x Spreadsheet (.sxc)+ 1.x Spreadsheet Template (.stc)+ Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP (.xls and .xlw)+ Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP Template (.xlt)+ Microsoft Excel 5.0 and 95 (.xls and .xlw)Note that the AndroCalc app has its own instructions when the document is being edited remotely. It has several buttons for the operations:- "Write mode", use a finger to modify the document.- "Move mode", drag your two fingers to move the app and the document with your fingers.- "Zoom In & Out", swipe your two fingers to zoom in or zoom out the app and document.- "Save the document" -> "Click in File > Save the document opened keeping the current format" to save the document in the server. It will be saved locally when you click in Exit button.- "KeyBoard", which opens or closes the phone keyboard that allows you to write any text.- "Exit", which closes the editor view and saves locally the document as it is downloaded from the cloud.AndroCalc also contains a file manager module with the following functionality:- Home directory when you first load the file manager.- All operations with files and folders: copy, move, upload, create folder/file, rename, archive, extract, edit, etc.- Bookmarks over the files or directories.- View the file or directory properties: name, location, size, date.- Light and Elegant client UI supporting phones and tablets.- Grid, List and Icons views available.- Sort by name, last modified, size or type.- FTP access integrated.- Search for files- Recent files- Open Source
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.9.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements None