Speedy Dial. is your convenient speed dial alternative. It features fast one-touch calling for up to 48 numbers, three screens of speed dials (great for grouping work or family #'s.), customizable buttons that display both names & phone numbers, changeable button colors (set individually or assign a single color to a panel), and up to 3 dialing modes. Fast setup. With option to retrieve name & #'s from existing contacts, it's possible to set up a speed dial in just a few seconds. Stop scrolling through favorites or contacts - put your most frequently used/most important 48 numbers in this app and call them quickly & easily. Hassle free. Works on applicable functioning/configured devices with currently active/available cell service. No special setup required. Uses system dialer so. No other setup is required for dialing (other than adding phone #'s, of course, and granting applicable permissions). There is no need to maintain separate settings, folders, etc.(calls made via this app are logged as normal in your system along with all others). Uneven Columns? To keep columns more "even-sized", assign a long name to a button on the left and ALSO assign a long name to a button on the right. This can help even out the column sizes when longer names or numbers are used. For additional assistance & tips, please consult the app's help or view the quick instructional videos on our website. Please Note: We are extremely limited concerning what information we are allowed to include here to remain compliant with this store's policies. For additional detail concerning this app (including screenshots, video demo & important limitations/notes), please visit our site. Also, please see the app's built-in Help file to assist with various troubleshooting issues. Concerned about privacy? Rest assured that neither your contact information (i.e. names, phone #'s) nor information about calls you make is sent to us.
Operating System Android