Root Spy File Manager

Root Spy is a File Manager app that can explore the Android file system in a simple, easy to use and fast way for both rooted and non rooted users. With Root Spy File Manager you can easily copy, paste, move, delete, rename, search, share, explore, zip and organize all of your files. Maybe you are tired of bad looking file managers with in-coherent ui, bloated with features, expensive or maybe filled with irritating ads that are popping up? Then Root Spy File Manager is the right app for you. This file manager is not just only the one of few Material design featured apps on Google Play, it's also completely free and ad-free. FeaturesExplore. Move, copy, rename, and delete files. Easy to use clipboard. Easy to use task manager for heavy multiple task executions. Create new files and folders. Sort by size, name, file type, date, file permission or none sort. Multiple file select. View and edit any file. Save and navigate via bookmarks. AES encrypt / decrypt files. Zip / unzip files and folders. Open files with other apps, share/send. View file properties. View files as list or grid. Fast sidemenu library links. Install / Uninstall apps. Search. Very fast search for files and folders. Multiple word and file type name search. Quick category file search. Advanced su. Change file permissions. RW/RO mount filesystems. Visually show filesystem storage usage. Start app in super user shell (needs rooted device). Install / Uninstall apps. (SU executed uninstall is under construction) Other featuresUI. Scroll hides Toolbar. Remembers scroll positions for folders. Material design ui components and icons. Icon. Show list of files with thumbnails for images, video and apk. Change preferred icon size. Change the app icon theme. File. Hide/show file/dir size, date and permission. Show absolute file path. Text. Choose file title text size. Choose file details text size. Cache. Cache thumbnails on external storage for faster and smoother user experience. Delete cache. This is the first public release of Root Spy File Manager. Your thoughts are important. Feel free to give feedback on anything regarding the current functionality and if you have ideas on future implementations. For friendly support and if you want to give some feedback please email: support@rootspy. seIf you have any bugs to report email: bugs@rootspy. seMore features in mind for future versions of Root Spy FIle Manager email: features@rootspy. se.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.15.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements None