Happy Tag Autos

Happy Tag Autos is a consumer application that allows you to select a vehicle and negotiate directly with the auto dealer without having to deal with a salesperson. Happy Tag Autos is your real-time solution to be your own salesman and deal directly with the auto dealer. All you have to do is: Select a new or used car you would like to purchase. Enter the VIN number and mileage of your trade-in vehicle. Evaluate your trade-in vehicle with Black Book. Select the available special interest rates and rebates. Select Dealer Profit. Select what you want your payments and interest rate to be. Submit your deal to the person in charge. Benefits to you include: No dealing with commission-based Salespeople. No hours spent at the dealership waiting to find out what your true payments will be. Work the numbers and complete the transaction from your device. Appraise your own vehicle with Black Book. Sign your paperwork which is already filled out at the dealership or from the comfort of your home. Total transparency in Price. You decide how much the Dealer makes - NO MORE BACK AND FORTH. Happy Tag Autos gives you the tools necessary to control the sales process. "Buy the vehicle you want, when you want and for what you want. "
Operating System Android