Camera Scanner 4 Google Drive

Have important papers that need to be scanned and shared? How about a receipt, invoice, or warranty you need to keep around? Scan your documents using the Dolphin Drive app. Using your device's camera, you can scan one or more pages which are converted into a PDF document. The scanned document is then automatically uploaded and stored securely in the cloud (on your Google Drive). Lose your device? No problem. Sign-in to Dolphin Drive from your new device and access all of your previously scanned documents. Organize your scans using search tags that allow you to easily find the document you're looking for in seconds. Easily share or print your documents in the highly portable PDF format. It's time to go paperless and install Dolphin Drive. FEATURES. Use your device's camera to scan high-quality documents into PDF. Automatic edge detection and cropping. Filters including contrast, color, black-and-white, saturation, rotate, magic color, and more. Drag-and-drop re-ordering of pages after scanning. Super-fast search by tags and/or title. Share PDF by email. Print (on supported devices). Support for multi-page documents. Unlimited documents. Sign-in and switch between multiple Google accounts. Documents stored in the cloud (in your Google Drive account). Import existing PDF documents. Beautifully designed using Google's 'Material Design' user-interface guidelinesSUPPORTSend us an email to dolphindriveapp@gmail.com if you have any comments, questions, or problems. Please reach out before leaving any negative feedback. we'll do our best to help. NOTEWith your consent, Dolphin Drive uses your Google Drive account to store your scanned documents. You can delete these documents at any time using the app or from Google Drive. WHY DOLPHINS? Dolphins are fast, clever, and have excellent memories. even better than elephants according to recent studies. We think Dolphins are a great mascot for our app.
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