EngiNotes is a programmable calculator that allows you to run small code snippets in a Python-like language to visualize complex calculations. Organize your calculations in notebooks, a collection of code cells that you can run individually to print and visualize data. It provides routines to manipulate N-dimensional arrays such as scalars, vectors and matrices. Main Features- Unlimited notebooks. Interactive 2D plots. ND-array objects. In-app manual (swipe left). No network connection required. Plots- Lines. Scatter plot for point clouds. Fill areas bounded by some function. General Math- Operators: +, -, /, ^ (power), ' (transpose), @ (matrix multiplication). Random number generator. Sum, average, min and max. Variance and standard deviation. Ceil, floor and round functions. Logarithms, exponential function and square root. Linear Algebra- Solution to systems of linear equations. Transpose and inverse matrix. Trace. Determinant and condition number. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. LU factorization. Norms: 1, 2 and infinity. Trigonometric- Conversion between radians and degrees. Sin, cos, tan. Inverse sin, cos, tan- Hyperbolic sin, cos, tan. Machine Learning Response Functions- ELU, RELU, leaky RELU. Sigmoid and hard sigmoid. Tanh and hard tanh.
Operating System Android


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