Texas Ticket Defender

STOP - DO NOT JUST PAY YOUR TRAFFIC TICKET FINE WITH THE COURTS. If you received a traffic ticket in the State of Texas, the Texas Ticket Defender app will help you hire our lawyers to fight that ticket and protect your permanent driving record. We are experienced Texas Ticket Defense Lawyers. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients charged with traffic violations throughout the State of Texas. Get a FREE consultation and quote today directly from our lawyers. We are not a lawyer referral service that will just match you with a lawyer based on your location. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If we can't keep the points off your driving record, we will refund your legal fee. HOW IT WORKS: 1) Send us a photo of you ticket (or input as much information as you have if you lost your citation) 2) Fill out the required information3) Get a quote from an experienced defense lawyer at Joyner + Joyner. 4) Hire Joyner + Joyner to fight your ticket. 5) Joyner + Joyner will appear in court and fight your traffic ticket. You will then receive timely updates on the status of your case directly from the app. WHY CHOOSE TEXAS TICKET DEFENDER? SAVE MONEY. Most cases can be resolved for the cost of the fines and court costs. SAVE TIME. Most cases can be resolved without requiring you to appear in court. PROVEN RESULTS. We have successfully helped thousands of clients keep their record clean. PROTECT YOUR DRIVING RECORD AND AVOID INCREASES IN YOUR INSURANCE COST.
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