Topografia (Land Surveying)

This is a app that can do some calculations in field or office, sometimes needed on a classic Land Surveying job, engineering or students calculations. It can perform (by now) the following operations: V2.0- Calculate Azimuth and distance between two given points (coordinates). Elevation calculation, trigonometric/Total station method. Point calculation, by given Azimuth an distance. Intersection of two lines, by given 2 pts each (coordianates). V2.1- Calculate missing sides of triangles by Cosin or Sin laws (missing data needs to be entry as "-1"). Acept diferent angular units, Grads (0-400) ; Decimal Degrees (0-360) ; Radians (0-2pi). V2.11- Auto adjust to different screens. V2.12- Error on auto adjust for different screens, reverted. V2.13- Multilanguage: English, Portuguese, Spanish. By now only in main menu. Auto adjust to different screens, always in portrait mode. V2.14- Multilanguage: English, Portuguese, Spanish. By now only in main menu, azimuths menu and help. V2.15- Little bug on screen. V2.16- New calculation, distance point to line, data entry by coordinates. V2.17- Rebuild config menu, and new algorithm to calculate triangles. V2.18- Translation of Trigonometric Heigths. V2.19- Translation of Trigonometric Heigths. V2.20- New menu, angle conversionV2.21- Add a GPS menu (on testing) - Improvements on triangles menuV2.22- GPS menu records file, good to field study. Future development will be: Convert between distances in map an scale; Clothoids, send calculated data. All calculations are in meters and grads (0-400) by default. Positive Azimuths to North and clockwise. This app will still in development, sugestions are accepted. Is optimized to screen resolution 720x1280. This one intents substitute a similar app that i create and is on selling at google play. Diferent programming language. Thanks.
Operating System Android


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