Do you have multiple calendars? For instance a personal Google calendar, an Exchange calendar for work and maybe even a second Exchange calendar for the customer project you work on? Then you are probably having a hard time keeping up synchronizing free/busy times between them. Enter Calendar Cloner. This neat little app runs in the background and periodically can copy (clone) events from one calendar to another. It is fully rule based and makes sure your free/busy info is always in sync. Some possible uses are: Copy private appointments to your work calendar, making sure your colleagues don't schedule meetings over personal time. Copy your work calendar to your project calendar to prevent project colleagues planning over your company meetings. Copy your project calendar to your calendar at work. This way your colleagues see when you are busy with your client project. Copy your Exchange calendar to a Google calendar to view it with other calendars in Google's web interface. Merge all your calendars together and share that calendar with your spouse so he/she knows when you have evening appointments. And you will probably come up with your own use cases. Features: Copy all events from one calendar to another- Clone with full details, title/location only or anonymously- Automatically clones recurring events and exceptions- Reserve extra time before and after meetings- Runs as a service: configure once and forget about it- All calendar types supportedExtra features of paid version: Unlimited number of rules- Smarter rules: forward and move events to other calendars- Specify in more detail which events to clone- Able to clone reminders- Inserts summary of participants to description in cloned events- Smarter update mechanism skips runs when calendars have not changed (saving battery) Requires: Android 4.0+- Permissions to read/write your calendars- Startup notification to automatically start the service- Internet access for the online manual- Read/write sdcard to save/load settings (useful if you switch devices) Keywords: calendar, calendars, event, events, clone, clone calendar events, copy, copy calendar events, duplicate, duplicate calendar events, forward, move, sync, sync calendar events, synchronization, rule, rules, periodic, automatic, automated, interval, background, set up once and forget.
Operating System Android