Scribzee by OXFORD

Your notes are precious and you can't imagine throwing away the notebook or pad you've just completed. Do you need to go back to your notes from 6 days, 6 months or 6 years ago, re-read them, re-use them, enrich them or share them? But who can afford to carry around all their handwritten notes all the time? The SCRIBZEE application is designed for you, those of you who wish to make infinite use of your notes, those of you who believe that they deserve to be preserved and then retrieved instantaneously anywhere, ready for a new life. By means of your smartphone or tablet, SCRIBZEE allows you to scan and save the contents of the pages of your OXFORD notebooks and notepads, on which markers are printed to enable the use of capture technologies developed and patented by our engineers. With SCRIBZEE you can: Automatically capture the contents of your handwritten pages as soon as the approximate framing required by the application is sufficient. Achieve a high-quality visual result, similar to that of a flatbed scanner, as a result of the automatic image enhancement features built into the application (highly accurate framing of the page content, vertical and horizontal re-framing of the image, cancellation of the perspective effects and optimisation of the contrast and brightness levels). File the pages in folders as desired. Rearrange the pages of a document by dragging them with your finger. Import pages from other notes or images from your smartphone. Save your pages in a secure cloud space provided free of charge by OXFORD. Share your pages via your smartphone's communication media (SMS, email, all your social networks, Evernote etc). Create alerts you can associate with your note pages to help you retain control over your important dates. With the SCRIBZEE application your notes accompany you everywhere. They are always retrievable, editable and, shareable from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are and at any time. Like you, OXFORD believes in the power of handwriting, something which enables you to learn more easily, express your ideas intuitively and formulate your reflections step by step. To help you successfully negotiate this path, full of ups and downs, OXFORD, by watching you live and work, unswervingly creates high-quality and smart notebook solutions to enable you to fulfil your potential. This is how our notebook 2.0 concept came into being, creating a bridge between your paper and digital notes and allowing you to make unlimited use of them. OXFORD, POWER IN YOUR HANDS.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.51.0414
Operating System Android
System Requirements None