ATS GeoSuite

The GeoSuite app provides the user with a complete and comprehensive set of geophysical tools targeted at groundwater exploration within a portable and simplistic software package. The included set of geophysical technologies provide transparent, easy to understand data sets that integrate well with any other geophysical data. The purpose of the app is to reduce the risks involved in groundwater exploration and development by using a multi-faceted geophysical approach to exploration. The aim is to provide a user with a data set that is similar to what you would find in a driller well-log. In other words, a virtual well-log. All the info you need at a specific location concerning the geology and geohydrology can be obtain without actually drilling the hole. Simple operation is made possible by automating the majority of the complex processes needed to produce results in a geophysical survey. All the user needs to do to produce a result is collect data by following predefined steps and the software takes care of the rest. The app can: Locate and quantify aquifers and groundwater resources. Delineate variations in groundwater salinity. Define a site's geology and lithology. Locate and define geological structures. Delineate geological formation interfaces. Delineate geological faulting structures under a site. Locate fractured geological formations under a site. Delineate geological formation clay content. Measure soil resistivity. and much more. All that is needed to get started is: A smartphone device with the GeoSuite App loaded. A sledgehammer as an entry-level seismic source. Two steel pins (nine inch nails will work). A modified audio cable that can be constructed at home using off-the-shelf parts and equipment. An optional base plate for when you are working on very soft ground. Personal protection equipment. The GeoSuite technologies are not limited to groundwater applications. The app can be used in a variety of applications including but not limited to: Groundwater Exploration. Geo-Technical Investigations. Mineral Exploration. Geothermal Studies. Mining Applications. Structural impact studies. Environmental Studies. Dam wall leakage studies. Alluvial bed mapping. Structural geology studiesThe app includes geophysical technologies that are targeted at groundwater exploration. These include: Electro-Seismic Technologies. Electro-Telluric Resistivity Technologies. Magneto-Telluric Resistivity Technologies. Magnetic TechnologiesThe primary technology used to power the GeoSuite App is Electro-Seismics. This technology is specifically designed to detect and delineate porous, water saturated, geological formations called aquifers.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1.9
Operating System Android
System Requirements None