RPN Turbo Calculator Universal for Windows 10

A handy adding machine/calculator. It uses 'Reverse Polish Notation' and is stack/list based so that keyed data can be reviewed and easily changed. It has a touch screen numeric keypad and if a keyboard is attached its numeric keys are useable. It retains the most recent 12 numeric keyed items. It supports copy/paste of numeric items to the stack. It contains 8 landscape pages supporting: Annuities, Bonds, Cash Flow, Depreciation, Statistics, Probability and other Math - Trigonometry functions. One page supports user defined and NAMED values. These values are retained between sessions. Each page has its own help text and messages. Data is entered into a stack (push) and then retrieved (pop) from the stack for calculations. Data is saved so that it can be reused later. Two pages use a common 2 column list for Cash Flow and Statistics data entry. The list allows (pop) and (push). It also allows an individual entry to be changed or deleted. Insertions are performed by rotating the list so that the insert point is at the bottom of the list. The other 6 pages use the common stack as their data entry vehicle. Index. (1) Adding Machine. Two column adding machine 'tape', Cash flow and depreciation' (2) Annuities: Present Value, Future Value, Number of Periods, Rate Payments. Allowance for begin/end period payments. (3) Bonds: Settlement, maturity and next coupon dates. Redemption value, annual rate and bond period type. Desired rate and price. (4) Math-Trig: Binomial, Exponential, Poisson and Uniform Distributions. Trig and mathematics functions including a Triangle Solver. (5) Settings: Favorites buttons (8) and application property setting (8). (6) Statistics: Standard summary values plus mean and standard deviation. Normal distribution and z-scores. Linear estimates and least square regression. (7) User: 24 user defined containers with both a 'Pop' and 'Push' stack feature. (8) Utilities: Normal Distribution 't' values, Critical values to 'f' distribution, and Critical values for Chi Square distributions. Combinations and Permutations. Date arithmetic. Polar coordinate conversion and eight metric conversion.
Operating System Mobile Windows 10 Windows Mobile Windows
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, x64, ARM)