Delve into Technical

Delve into Technical - search multiple technical web sites in parallel, including NASA reports, Patent Offices and much more. Simply choose the sources to search and let Delve crawl them in parallel, extracting pages with your keywords of interest. Key features. Perform search in real time- Search for specific keywords- List all internal and external links- List all images- List all emails- Directly browse links and images within Delve- Email directly from Delve- Pages can be ranked according to relevanceUser Interface. Simple user interface- Compatible with all iPhones and iPads- Portrait (Phone and Tablet) and Landscape (Tablet) modes- Integrated web page viewer for links and images- Simply click on extracted email to send messageUsage. Search for pages with specific keywords within a targeted websites- Quickly find contact emails within any website- Search for external website links- In depth website search and analysis- The perfect complement to your internet searches by drilling down in any identified websites of interest. POWERED BY DELVE DEEP SEARCH ENGINE. Check out the full version of Delve Deep Search Engine also available for free on the Play Store.
Operating System Android