Your Markdown Editor

Create markdown and HTML contents with this useful application. =- Release 1.0.6 - Sidebar with tools is now positioned to the left of your screen- Release 1.0.5 - Now you can active full-screen editor using toolbar button. To return in normal screen click on same button. =Main Features: Markdown, XML & HTML Editor with live preview. Using in input area markdown, html and xml. Real-time preview. Export whole project as zip archive. Print HTML result as pdf format. Drag & Drop (function limited for Chromebooks) and with toolbar button (for all devices) to open file. Undo & Redo buttons. Buttons search/replace string and jump to line (Also with bluetooth keyboard shortcuts). Save markdown code as pdf format. Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts to save project as markdown (md) and html format. Syntax highlighting in output code blocks.
Operating System Android