Simple HTML Editor

Do you want a useful, fast and easy wysiwyg web editor? Simple Html Editor is an ideal and convenient mobile web wysiwyg editor that gives you the ability to be able to intuitively format your content, upload images - by taking them directly from your external storage of your Android smartphone or tablet. You can include links, paragraphs, horizontal lines, and even edit html thanks to the handy function included the corresponding button in the toolbar of the mobile application. You can also use this handy application to design your newsletter and save content on your smartphone or tablet to work again, when you want, with the convenient file upload in html I have enclosed the button "Open file". Ok, now try now this very useful app. Note - In order to reopen the file html suggest using the application File Manager (Explorer) Release 1.2.0 - Now you can share your web design and only html code also by e-mail directly from the application - The app mobile is now available for Android 3.0Release 1.2.1 - Introduced the advanced search feature contentRelease 1.3.0 - Edit your html file from input urlRelease 1.3.1 - I added a progress bar to monitor the preload applicationRelease 2.0 - New features, new interface with significant improvement of the whole application.
Operating System Android