Hlin for Windows 10

Take your main stream file sharing to the next level of security. Protect and share your files to as many people as you wish based on our state of the art Network Lock and Geo-Lock. HLIN is a One-to-Many Secured File Sharing Application which creates a virtual perimeter of access around the co-ordinate from which it was uploaded. Features: Restrict the access to the files uploaded based on our Geo lock. User can be offline while the file is being accessed by the receiver. The files, for better security are encrypted before being saved in the servers. FOOL PROOF. It's not possible to spoof the location for the Geo lock on papers. User-defined range of access in Geo-Lock ranging from 30 m - 250 m. Network Lock (WiFi based). For better safety, Access keys are deactivated after 30 days. Developed by: >CyberKnights: 1. Logaprakash Raju 2. Prajwal B Ainapur 3. Uddalak Bhaduri 4. Tharun J DISCLAIMER: The app/server/author do not hold any responsibility over the content shared through this service.
Operating System Windows Mobile Mobile Windows Windows 10
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (x86, x64)