NEED FRESHDESK ACCOUNT TO USE THIS APP. Welcome to Rolodesk. Don't find the time to capture your interactions with customers in your Helpdesk? Rolodesk will make it very easy to manage your interactions with contacts and capture these interactions in Helpdesk tickets. Rolodesk marks the arrival of Helpdesk features to your phone. Helpdesk features are available at your fingertips through seamless integration with Freshdesk CRM. If you call or SMS a customer, the call/SMS information gets logged in a ticket. Finally, you don't need to worry about finding time to keep your Helpdesk tickets up to date. CATCH UP ON TICKET ACTIVITY AND PLAN YOUR DAYStay on top of your tickets. Use the dashboard to process recent updates to your tickets and use the summary to plan your day's activities. For the ticket that needs an immediate response, you can reply from the dashboard. QUICK RESPONSE TO CUSTOMERS Responding to customers has never been easier. You get notified when a customer responds to a ticket and you can respond right from the notification. You don't even need to open the app. BE PREPARED FOR EVERY CALLUse the Roloscope - A badge that appears during every call. Tap on the badge to get a complete history of all your tickets, calls, SMS, reminders, notes for the caller. You get the context right when the call comes in, no need to search for information related to the caller. EZ-MENU: SHORTCUTS FOR COMMON ACTIONSYou can add a ticket, reminder or even call/SMS a contact right from the call log and SMS log. It takes just one tap to open the slide out menu and choose the appropriate action. LOG CONVERSATIONS IN TICKETSYou can capture all interactions with contacts inside tickets. When you want to capture a message exchanged with a contact inside a ticket, just tap the EZ-MENU and choose the ticket against which you want to log the message. NEVER MISS A FOLLOW-UPEasy access reminders. Don't rely on your memory or notes written in other places. Add a follow up to your tickets to remind you about action items. You can even call your customer right from the notification. Set reminders for yourself and others. Make sure your fellow agent or team member doesn't miss a customer related action item. SCHEDULE SMS Type a message now, schedule it for later. If you need to send an SMS in the morning to remind an agent or customer, just schedule it for the appropriate time and sit back. Rolodesk will take care of delivering it for you. KEEP YOUR CUSTOMER ADDRESSBOOK UP TO DATEAdding a person to your address book has never been easier. Introducing the awesome one touch contact add. Tap the '+' next to any number that is not in your contacts, type a name and you are done. Don't have time to enter all the contact information when you are out there? No worries, our visiting card scanner will help you add contacts easily from visiting cards. Don't worry, Rolodesk cleanly separates your Help Desk contacts from your personal addressbook and no changes from Rolodesk are propagated to your personal addressbook. FEATURES+ Call Log, SMS Log, Contacts+ Dialer+ Ticket Management+ Send and receive SMS+ SMS Scheduler+ Roloscope badge appears when your phone rings. Tap to quickly get a complete history of all tickets, SMS, calls, reminders and notes with the caller+ Profile View with complete history all interactions with contact - tickets, SMS, call, notes, email+ EZ menu under every call log entry+ EZ Add+ Reminders for yourself and others+ Scan Visiting Cards/ Business Cards PERMISSIONSTo know how we use the permissions we ask for, please visithttps://www.getrolo. in/help/permissionsCONTACTFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/getrolo/Twitter: https://twitter.com/getroloappSUPPORT & FEEDBACKfaq: https://www.getrolo. in/helpemail: support@getrolo. in.
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