Patent Your Idea for Windows 10

Got an Idea? Learn how to patent your invention. Intellectual property manual. You have a great innovative idea, but to put the theory into practice you must go through some bureaucracy, we are here to help with that. Maybe you tried to look around, maybe even used google patents to fined similar ideas an invention but you know that patent process and intellectual property defending are a bit more than that. Learn about the patenting process, how to perform a patent search, when to use provisional patent and when a standard patent, learn about patent types, costs, alternatives and so much more. In this free mini-course, you will understand what lies ahead of you, with 18 short and simple lessons we will understand this complex looking subject, and will have the tools to go through the patenting process and defending your intellectual property (IP) without costly mistakes. A few extra tools that will help you finish the course successfully and get the most out of the app: 1. Schedule lessons times and reminders - You can set the time and days of the week in which you want to use the time learning, and the app will remind you. 2. Notes tool - a place to write your notes and your thoughts about the course. 3. Easy navigation between different topic and lessons. 4. Share button. More in our free course: Patent process Quick Review Types of patent application: Standard patent application. Provisional patent application. Patent Continuation application. Divisional patent application National, regional and international patent applications Patent application preparation, filing and prosecution: Patent specification. Patent claims. Patent Filing date. Patents Priority claim. Patent Publication. Patent pending. patent search and prosecution Patent Costs How to choose a patent attorney Alternatives to applying for a patent It's 100% free, Download now.
Operating System Windows 10 Windows Windows Mobile Mobile
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (ARM, x86, x64)