Transcribe Pro for Windows 10

Thank you for choosing Transcribe Pro by Note: If at any time you run into an issue with this app, please email to to help you fix the issue. Issues such as difficulty downloading the app or privacy policy issues have to do with the surrounding ecosystem but we will help you deal with those too. Transcribe Pro converts speech to text with very high accuracy quite efficiently. It can recognize most of the words and phrases that a user can say in a particular language, and is optimized for common phrases. The converted text can be edited, copied to the clipboard with a single click for pasting, saved as a text or HTML file, opened to begin from the last point of the previous dictation, or sent as an email. This app performs so well that in some cases it will convert speech coming out of a video into text, quite well. The app would have to be installed on a separate device, such as a smartphone, and be positioned close to the speaker of the laptop playing the video. As in all cases, the narration would have to be clear, the audio volume at a high enough level and background noise should be absent. If you write articles, eBooks, website content or many emails, Transcribe Pro can save you many hours each month. Because transcription is performed by remote web services and the results are returned to the device, a solid internet connection is required for this app to perform. The benefit is relatively little work being done by your Windows 10 device since most of the heavy lifting is done up in the Cloud. Another benefit is that Microsoft's voice recognition services continually improve as more experience is gained from user's voices and speech patterns. So this software becomes more intelligent with time. Although Transcribe Pro has a simple and intuitive interface, to gain the maximum value out of this app, it is best to read the instructions which become visible when the Hamburger button, to the top left corner, is clicked. Thank you for your preference of Transcribe Pro.
Price USD 2.49
License Purchase
Operating System Windows, Windows 10
System Requirements Available for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, x64, ARM)