SpeechToText Pro for Windows 10

Thank you for choosing SpeechToText Pro. Please note: If you run into an issue with this app, first send us an email to admin@hasfocus.com so that we can help. If you are looking for an advanced speech to text app that is super efficient, look no further than SpeechToText Pro. It is perfect for dictating something quickly on the go, or for composing longer pieces of writing such as articles. No more Writer's Block with this tool. You can dictate continuously as it has no time limit. The text appears on the screen in real time, as you pronounce words. To start on a new line, simply say "New line". To stop speech recognition, just press the Stop button. If you enunciate clearly, its accuracy is close to or 100%. Misunderstandings are easy to correct inside Editing mode. Simply point to a sentence or word that you want corrected, repeat it, tap it again and the correction is saved. SpeechToText Pro understands most of the words that a user can say in a language that supports Cortana and it even recognizes well known proper nouns (specific names of people, places, organizations and things). For punctuation, say "comma", "period", "semi-colon", "exclamation mark", "question mark", "new line" or "new paragraph". To add some feeling to your content, say "smiley", "frowny" or "winky". The content that you create can be saved as a text or HTML file, sent as an email, sent as an SMS message or played back to you in a female or male voice and at variable rates. Because Speech To Text Pro works with Cortana, it does not need time to adjust to your speaking style. It does, however, need an internet connection as the speech recognition part is handled by Bing web services. The benefit is that it builds upon experience gained from thousands of users so it understands context. In addition, most of the work is done up in the cloud, relieving your device of much computation. All of Speech To Text Pro's features can be accessed from inside a single screen. They are explained fully, in the Instructions page which can be brought on display by clicking the Hamburger button in the top left of the screen. The Instructions page also provides convenient links through which important settings can be enabled after a couple of clicks. SpeechToText Pro has a 24-hour free trial period, and then a price of $2.49. We welcome honest reviews. For support issues, please send an email to admin@hasfocus.com. Once again, thank you for choosing SpeechToText Pro by HasFocus.com.
Price USD 2.49
License Purchase
Operating System Windows, Windows 10
System Requirements Available for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, x64, ARM)